Make A Wish!

This time in our lives was amazing. It was our first time flying. First time for my daughter going to Disney world. It was truly magical. Just to see the look on her face just made me …….. I can’t even describe it but you moms know what I’m talking about. There was so much for us to do.  A big thanks to Make-A-Wish/Georgia chapter, Give Kids the World Village in FL and a big thank you to the many people who fundraise for the kids and make their wishes a reality. Below is an interview for Walk for Wishes, check it out!
Can you tell me a little more about her medical condition? What did her daily life look like while she was going through that?

She was diagnosed w/ Leukemia(A.L.L.) acute lymphoblastic leukemia on 6/28/2011. It is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many immature lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). Her daily life had its ups and downs. She was in a lot of pain most of the time, weight loss/gain. She was away from friends & school. She really had no social life b/c we always had to be careful of who was around, are they sick, germs or would today be a good day for her. She wasn’t able to play like most kids. Her world was home, hospital & meds for awhile. We still went out, took family trips and went shopping. Everything was just different and centered around her but we made the best of her “new normal”. There were a lot surgeries, long hospital stays, tons of medication and trips to the E.R. for minor things. We just had to be extra careful in all areas but our community, school,  family, church, hospital family made our lives well/bearable also.
Why did she wish to go to Disney World?
She had always wanted to go and it just seemed magical to her.
Can you tell me a little more about the wish experience? What all did you do? Where did you stay? Favorite part?
The wish experience was SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!! The only down side was that it was soooooo much stuff for us to get into that we couldn’t complete everything & we had to limit exposure to the sun & she couldn’t walk as far and do as much w/the heat but we had a blast. We went to Sea World, Magic Kingdom, A huge water park, Universal Studios. She had a portrait drawn of her, we rode all of the rides back2back, went out for dinner. We stayed at Give Kids the World Village and let me tell you, that they did. At the village it was just as much stuff to do. We ate ice cream for breakfast, ordered yummy food, explored the whole village, went swimming late, parties. Her favorite part was EVERYTHING, having the bunnies tuck her in for bed, V.I.P. passes for rides/no waiting in line.Who went on the wish with her?
Grandma Tinnie, La’Yonna(cousin/sister) & me Mom/Jacora

How did the wish impact her?
It gave her the memory of a lifetime.

How did the wish impact you as her parent?
That experience had a wonderful impact on me as her parent. We were free that week no worries. It was great to see her be a “normal” kid again & just enjoy life.How do you think the wish will impact her future?
I’m not sure if I can give a clear response on that one but one thing I know for sure is that the seed has been planted and maybe she’ll come back when shes older and volunteer/work and make it possible so that other kids like her can experience what she did and make it 10x better.

How is she doing now?
Awesome, my diva never left, back in full effect w/minor changes. She went to the survivors clinic in June of last year. She goes for her yearly follow-up this June 2017. Everything is going well. She’s your average teenager, growing as a young lady, getting ready for high school. She loves painting & yoga to relax. We continue to pray, give thanks and trust God.

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