Reaching Survivor Land

Before our first appointment. They mailed us a package of paper work and in another package was a map. Telling you what the journey would be like. I tossed it to the side because God will unfold our map as it should be. What I’ve learned through trusting God is to not worry and enjoy life. Cherish every moment because you truly never know whats ahead of you.
We go for our 2 year follow-up visit at the Survivor’s Clinic in June 2017. This has been a long but interesting journey for us. When this first happened I didn’t know what to think but one thing my mom would always tell me was  “Just get through the right now, we know what the end will be”. What she meant by that was hey, I know its rough right now but take it one day at a time and before you know it,  this will all be over. I remember when the Doctor told us we were done(ALMOST!!!!!). Then we had to go to the survivor’s clinic. There we just did different tests. Went over what to expect in the future as far as late effects, diet, things of that nature. Then we did a follow-up visit with the Doctor which was REALLY our last visit with him and the team. When we finished our visit. They take you to the front and let you ring the bell.
Well let me tell you  H O N E Y.
I was happy,  proud, thankful and oh my all that wrapped into one. I looked over at the Doctor and he almost looked like he wanted to cry. I thought to myself, with him dealing with so much death in his field. It’s emotional when one of his patients make it. I remember even after everyone had left. We were still standing there, hugging each other. Maybe she wanted me to let her go but I was just thinking, (MY THOUGHTS AT THE TIME) oh my God thank you, I’ll never ever have to come back to this place. We made it, we are finally done, my baby is here, healthy and strong. Thank you God we made it.  We are done. (THOUGHTS ARE DONE). Ringing that bell, for me it symbolized us reaching the finish line. My baby has been through so much in her young lifetime. Like my mom told me. We knew what the end would be.
To Be Continued………………………….

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